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Terms and Conditions for "Domain names"

1. Subject

These General Terms and Conditions are intended to define and regulate relations between VPS.BG Ltd., hereinafter referred to hereinafter referred to as "Provider", and any customer wishing to use the "Shared Hosting", hereinafter referred to as "Customer".

Each customer using the "Shared Hosting" (hereinafter referred to as "Service"), agrees to abide by the Terms of Provider.The contract between the Contractor and the Client is concluded from the moment the customer clicks on the virtual button "I agree with the Terms of VPS.BG Ltd". By performing this action by the Client, he confirms that he is familiar with the Terms and that will follow them unconditionally.

Provider reserves the right to change the Terms of Use at any time. Changes will be posted on this address.

2. Information about the Provider

Information under the Law on Electronic Commerce Act and the Consumer Protection:

  • Name of the Provider: VPS.BG Ltd.
  • Seat and registered address: Sofia, Mur 21А
  • UIN: 203144520
  • VAT Number: № BG203144520
  • Data Controller Certificate: 413076
  • Supervisory bodies:
    • Commission for Personal Data Protection
      Address: Sofia, Ivan Evstatiev Geshov Str. № 15
      Phone number: (02) 940 20 46
      Email: kzld@cpdp.bg
      Website: www.cpdp.bg
    • Commission for Consumer Protection
      Адрес: Sofia 1000, Slaveykov Sq. №4А, Floors 3, 4 and 6
      Phone Number.: 02/ 9330572
      Website: www.kzp.bg

3. Characteristics of the service

The Services, provided by the Provider to the Users includes the following:

  • Registration of the domain name in the register of domain names on the Internet;
  • Manage referral from primary address domain to other Internet addresses (forwarding);
  • Information for free domain name;
  • Ensure that remote domain and its parameters, with the following features;
  • Option to protect against unauthorized transfers from third parties.

Information on areas where it can be registered domain name registration and prices for the different zones is available at: http://hosttox.com/domain-names

4. Transfer of domain name

In case of transfer a domain from another provider to provider, the Customer undertakes to meet the strict instructions given in emails sent by the Contractor. The provider uses this information to be able to initiate a transfer of the domain name.
The Contractor shall perform the transfer of a domain only if the customer has expressly stated this.
The provider is not responsible and no refunds in the event because of acts or omissions by the Client, the domain name can not be transferred to the Provider.
The Provider may request the following information from customers during the transfer of the domain name:

  • Username and password to access the control panel of the domain name
  • Certificate of rights to the domain name
  • Electronic confirmation of domain transfer (via email)
  • Identity document

The Provider shall notify the Customer Transfer status of its domain name (email).
The customer is required to disable the ban on the transfer of the domain name during transfer to the Contractor.
If domain registrars refuse to transfer this domain name provider is obliged to inform the Client as provide possible reasons and tips on how to eliminate problems in the transfer of the domain name.
The Contractor shall notify the Customer in the successful transfer of the domain name electronically (e-mail).
The Provider shall not be liable if:

  • transfer can not be realized because the domain is registered for less than two months (60 days);
  • transfer can not be realized as the domain name has expired;
  • transfer can not be realized because the client has provided incorrect transfer code or not provided;
  • transfer can not be realized because the Customer has disabled ban on domain transfer;
  • transfer can not be realized because the client has not confirmed or refused confirmation of domain registrars (email);
  • transfer can not be realized because the client has not received a confirmation email, because it has provided the wrong email or one to which he has access;
  • transfer can not be realized because the client is detected emails from domain registrar to confirm the domain transfer

5. Providing service

Provider has the right to provide third-party client information entered in the registers domain names on the Internet.
Provider has the right to provide all information about its users if the same is requested by the competent authorities accordingly.
As regards the protection of personal data of users, the provider is obliged to keep it adopted Privacy Statement, which is an integral part of these terms and conditions. Full content and is this Internet address: https://hosttox.com/privacy.
Should be established using the registered domain Provider in violation of Bulgarian law, it has the right to terminate Customer's access to it.
Provider and customer agree that access to the domain and its management may be suspended if one of the following circumstances:

  • Powered is a judicial or arbitral decision or act of state plowing ordering the suspension of access to the domain or its deletion;
  • The content of the site, according to which the domain name can judge that is used in contradiction with Bulgarian legislation or accepted practice rules, standards and norms;
  • have been provided evidence that using domain infringe rights of third parties;
  • have been provided evidence of trademark infringement of a third party;

The Provider is released from liability in respect of all damages and lost profits incurred to the Customer as a result of the suspension of access to the domain for any of the above reasons.
The consumer and provider agree to them to apply the rules for registration, transfer, manage and resolve disputes for the area of ​​domain names, and any other documents of the organization that maintains the field of domain name (ICANN, EURid etc.).
In the cases mentioned in this article provider is entitled to delete the domain name from the records of the names on the Internet, while discontinued without notice and without compensation, the contract with the Client.

6. Termination of the contract and refuding

This contract can be terminated for the following reasons:

  • by mutual agreement of the parties;
  • failing any of the parties to perform their obligations;
  • in seizure or sealing equipment Provider by government authorities;
  • with the expiry of the contract, as selected by the Client period of subscription;
  • termination and declaration of insolvency or bankruptcy of one of the parties;

Provider has the right in its sole discretion, without giving prior notice and without compensation to terminate the contract if it finds that the services are used in violation of these terms and conditions, policies adopted by the Provider legislation in the Republic of Bulgaria and the general moral norms.
In the event that the Customer give advance Provider reserves the right to not reimburse for the remaining period of service.

7. Rights and responsibilities

The Client shall indemnify and discharge Provider in lawsuits and other claims of third parties (whether justified or not) for all damages and expenses (including attorneys' fees and court costs) due to failure of any of the obligations under this contract, breach of copyright, producing, broadcasting rights and other intellectual or industrial property and unlawful transfer to third parties of the rights granted to the Client for the terms and conditions of the contract.
The provider is not liable in the event of failure to provide the service in a given period of time due to force majeure, fortuitous events, problems on the internet, technical or other objective reasons, including orders of the competent state authorities.
Provider is not liable for damages caused by the Client to third parties.
The provider is not liable in case of providing access to information loss or alteration of data or parameters of the Service as a consequence of false legitimacy to a third party, which is presented to the Client if the circumstances can judge that this person is client.
The provider is not liable in cases of overcoming security measures of technical equipment through which the service is provided and this results in loss of information, dissemination of information, access to information, restricting access to information, changes to the published sites to the user information and other similar consequences.

8. Other provisions

These terms and conditions may be amended by the Contractor for which he will adequately inform all customers of the service.
Contractor and Client agree that any supplement or amendment of these Terms will be effective to the user after explicit notification by the Contractor and if the client said provided 14 days that rejected them.
Customer agrees that any statements made by the Contractor in connection with the amendment of these terms and conditions will be sent to the email address specified by the Customer when registering to use the service. The customer service agrees that e-mails sent under this article need to be signed with an electronic signature to have action against him.
Provider publishes these terms and conditions at: https://hosttox.com/terms-domains.

Customer and Provider is obliged to protect each other's rights and legitimate interests and to protect its trade secrets come to their knowledge in the performance contract and these terms and conditions.
The possible invalidity of any provision of these Terms and Conditions will not invalidate the entire contract.
All disputes arising from this general terms or relating to them if they can not be settled amicably between the provider and user through negotiation shall be referred to arbitration court at the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce, according to its Rules of cases based on arbitration agreements, as applicable, will be Bulgarian law.
For this outstanding contract issues related to the implementation and interpretation of this contract shall apply the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria, the rules of international organizations to manage domain names and rules of arbitration courts for ADR on domain names.
If making requests to the Department of Technical Support or in any other communication with the employees of the Contractor, the Client does not comply with decency, morality and accepted in customs criteria for normal behavior, Provider reserves the right to refuse assistance to the Client without giving any reason and without owing compensation.
These terms and conditions shall enter into force for all Clients of 1 October 2015.

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